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Girls Dance Portraits 2011

written by Wendy Justis

Both girls participated in their dance recital in June 2011. They were on two seperte nights so we had portraits taken, they turned out so good.

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Kiki stepping out!

written by Wendy Justis

At 17 months old Kennedy finally walked across the room all on her own. We haveknown for a long time that she could do it, but she just chose not to. Yesterday, 09/09/09, Kiki was playing on my lap and asked to get down. She was standing between my legs and let go and the […]

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First time

written by Wendy Justis

Ok it was 10:15pm on August 17, 2009 and both Bella and Kiki are asleep in the same room. This might be a big deal, or it might be a fluke. I guess we will see as the night goes on. Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer.
UPDATE: We made it to 5:15am. […]

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Kennedy is headed for toddler-hood

written by Wendy Justis

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15 months and counting

written by Wendy Justis

So Kennedy had her 15th month check up today 7/10/2009. She is doing wonderfully and per the doctors words she is perfect. She is 32 in. long and that puts her in the 94%. She weighed in at 26lbs 2 oz. and that puts her in hte 90% in weight. It stumps me sometimes when doctors […]

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