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A Life Change

written by Wendy Justis

So I probably should have started the series a few months ago. But here is the back story. I am a type A personality that demands perfection from myself. I have grace for others but not for me. My life motto has always been “Second place is just the first looser.” When I fail it is devastating to me, however I have been forced to face the reality of life as a mother and wife. I will fail! So how have I dealt with this and other failures in my life. Lets visit the past.

My parents separated (emotionally at first then physically) when I was in Kinder and finally divorced when I was in 4th grade. I know this because I remember my mother walking in to talk with Mrs. Gardner to let her know what was going on. I have no desire to bash my father right now, but lets just say there are scars that are deep. On top of the scars there was a little girl that was not so little. I have battled my weight all of my life, and lost for most of it. I have always turned to food for comfort and to fill a hole. In high school, I was taught by a mentor how to “handle” my weight and then began a long struggle with anorexia and eventually bulimia. This fed my control issues and my issues with failure. As I left high school and headed into college my scars began to resurface. I had already had 3 marriage proposals (I think half hearted but there none the less) and I was scared as hell about the idea of trusting someone who was bound to fail me because 1. he is human and 2. men were not to be trusted.

To handle this I turned to food, I don’t think I was totally aware of my actions until my now husband came back into my life. I was sabotaging any possible relationships by allowing myself to be FAT and there for undesirable to men. When my now husband (previously high school sweet heart) came back into my life, he didn’t care if I was thin or fat, he loved me. But I had subconsciously lived with food as a source of control and comfort for so long that I did not even know how bad it was. I am kind of the opposite of most people, I don’t see myself as big as I am until I see a picture then, its like WOW.

So long story short (yep too late) a few months ago I was challenged by some amazing women to start and 8 week Life Change Challenge and my life has started down a different path. With the help of other friends I am making some permanent life changes. It has become very clear to me that I may fail from time to time as a wife and mother, but I will fail them forever if I allow my obesity to take my life early. This is preventable but not easy. I have currently lost 30lbs from my highest weight, which I am not going to share as of right now. I have committed to doing a tri-athalone in May 2013 and started training yesterday 8/15/12. I love having a goal and I am so competitive that this is what I need. I am asking for accountability, support, and prayer from my friends. I am also asking for grace from myself.

I had a great day today and totally enjoyed putting my pre-teen son’s butt in it’s place tonight as I out biked him by over a mile and was able to still do cardio lifting after. Yes I know I am a little too competitive but it was nice to show him that this “fat, old lady” (my words not his) still had it in her. If you want to follow my journey wonderful, if not that is ok. I still have scars that I am dealing with and probably more that I will find as I go down this path, but for the first time I am ready to face them for not only my families health but for mine.


4 Weeks to a More Organized Life: Day 3

written by Wendy Justis

Thank you to Money Saving Mom

Day 3 Assignment

No pictures from today, so I am posting a cute pic of my girls.

::Get dressed in something that makes you feel great  Get your free copy of SarahMae’s ebook, Frumps to Pumps, if you need more motivation in this.}

::Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, refer to your list of weekly goals, and make a list of no more than 5-7 specific things you want to accomplish today.

::Complete your morning routine {if you don’t have a morning routine, take some time to create one today! Read my How to Develop a Routine That Works–And Stick With It series for step-by-step help.}

::Set the timer for 15 minutes and do a quick-clean of your bedroom: throw out any trash, put away items that are out of place, get rid of clutter, tidy up, vacuum, and make your bed.

::Clean out your freezer(s). If you need step-by-step help, read this guide on How to Clean Out Your Freezer.

::Find 7 items to get rid of today. Throw them out, stick them in a donate or garage sale box, give them to a friend who can use them, or list them on Craigslist or eBay.

Day 3 Update

Started my day off with two little girls that got up early and wanted attention. I was able to get my quiet time in and here are my daily goals

Quiet Time – Had a great quiet time and can’t wait to talk to one of my friends about what God showed me.

Farmers Market – A wonderful morning spent with a wonderful friend Sam.

7 things to go – Did not work on this today, decided to take a nap.

Clean out Fridge – Nap one out on this too, I did get the old food tossed out

Clean Freezer – Nap

Build Garden – Going to have to put this off.

Make our Bed- This did get done Go Me LOL

Drink 7 glasses of water – I made this today super excited!

Smile at each family member 10 times – I actually made this one too!

15 min to pick up bedroom – Nap took this one too, didn’t happen

Clean off table – check

So today was not my best, but you have to have those days!



4 Weeks to a More Organized Life Day 1 and 2

written by Wendy Justis

With the inspiration of Money Saving Mom, I have started the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Life yesterday.

Day 1 Assignment

::Get dressed in something that makes you feel great {there’s something about dressing in clothes that make you feel great that just gives you more energy and zest for life! Get your free copy of SarahMae’s ebook, Frumps to Pumps, if you need more motivation in this.} The likely hood of me doing this part is very low. I don’t wear make up and I don’t wear anything that I would care if it were covered in food, puke, or other things. But I can see the good in this.

::Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and make a list of 5-10 goals for this week. For me this has been a glass of water right after my quiet time

::Complete your morning routine {if you don’t have a morning routine, take some time to create one today! Read my How to Develop a Routine That Works–And Stick With It series for step-by-step help.} I have not set this yet. Just trying to stick to what I’m doing for now.

::Set the timer for 15 minutes and quickly pick up the main living areas of your home.

::Clean out your purse and/or diaper bag.

::Find 7 items to get rid of today. Throw them out, stick them in a donate or garage sale box, give them to a friend who can use them, or list them on Craigslist or eBay.


Here is my update on Day 1

I did not get dressed up but I did take a shower

I set down and listed out my weekly goals and my daily goals over a glass of water as fallows


1. Quiet time every morning – So far 2 out of 2

2. Get laundry caught up – one load a day so far

3. Keep table picked up daily – 2 out of 2

4. 21 items to get rid of – So far 20 items already gone or in garage sale pile

5. Get garden build – hopefully tomorrow

6. Set date for Garage Sale – not done

7. Make bed every morning – 1 out of 2

8. Spend one on one time with Rick – not yet

9. Spend one on one time with each kiddo – Had fun with Kiki at the eye doctor, hoping to take Bella to the farmers market Saturday, Rick and I were able to go to a friends birthday party on Wednesday and Rich and I had a great session on Wednesday. Need to figure out some time with Gabe.

10 Spend some time alone – Currently doing this. Rick is in the other room gaming and all the kiddos are in bed.



Spent all of my 15 minutes in our family room but did not get frustrated so that was good. Did not get dressed up but did get a shower.

1. Quiet time – check

2. Kiki Eye Appointment – check


She had such a great time and is excited about her glasses


3. 7 items to get rid of – some clothes Gabe has out grown and a wall decoration that has been in the box for about 6 months.

4. Set goals for the week – check

5. Smile at each one of my family memebers at least 10 times. – Did not complete this but got close.

with the exception of the bible this was all in my purse, including a very old orange not seen here

6. Clean out my purse – Check

Nice clean purse. Kids said "oh it is so easy to pick up"

7.  Clean off the table – Check

8. Make our Bed – Check

9. 7 Cups of water – made it to 4

Day 2 Assignment

::Get dressed in something that makes you feel great

::Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, refer to your list of weekly goals, and make a list of no more than 5-7 specific things you want to accomplish today.

::Complete your morning routine

::Set the timer for 15 minutes and do a quick-clean of your kitchen: wash the dishes/load the dishwasher, clear off the countertops, and, if you have time, wipe down the countertops and the outside of the cupboards with wet rag or cleaning cloth.

::Clean out your refrigerator. There’s a step-by-step guide for cleaning out your refrigerator here.

::Find 7 items to get rid of today. Throw them out, stick them in a donate or garage sale box, give them to a friend who can use them, or list them on Craigslist or eBay.


I had a great quiet time but just was able to get some clothes on before we had to leave for Dance. My 15 minutes in the kitchen was actually split up but I did get the dish washer loaded and started.

1. Quiet Time – Check

2. Girls Dance Class – Check

3. Make our Bed – Didn’t happen

4. Find 7 things to get rid of – came up with 13. Gave 9 pairs of Rich’s old shorts to a friend, a few things Gabe has out grown, a t-shirt, and a picture frame for the garage sale

Some of the things leaving this house.

5. Put away clothes in the dryer – Check

6. Clean out Fridge – Did not happen but going to try to do the fridge and freezer tomorrow with my nephew’s help

7. Drink 7 glasses of water – at about 6 right now

8. Smile at each family member 10 times – Almost made it but can’t check off

9. Clean table – Check


God’s Word

written by Wendy Justis
After an amazing Basics group last night I spent much of the night thinking through some things. And then this morning I saw a post on facebook that just really kind of hit it all home for me.
How do we know when we are doing the right thing?
Jesus gave us a very simple command Mark 16:15 “He said to them. ‘Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation'”.
Jesus never told us we had to have all the answers before we could disciple he says you know me you are a disciple. We are all students in his word and we grow as we walk, but we are never done being students. As long as we are doing as he asked we are making a HUGE impact in this world. We are leaving it a better place then when we first entered it. However by his design we almost never know the impact that we make, I have become certain this is for one reason. Because we as humans are weak and when we know that something has occurred because of us we take credit and do not give it to God. God knows this and tries to keep our pride in check by not letting us know the what, when, where, why and how of his master plan.
God knows what our purpose is but so does the devil. When we are about to do the most good in God’s name the devil attacks and makes us second guess what we are called to do. Here is how I have seen God work in my life. It could be that I am suppose to witness to the very  soft spoken, hiding in the back, never wanting to be seen or noticed cleaning woman because her future son or daughter that has not even been a thought in her head is going to change the world by dedicating his/her life to teaching 3rd world countries how to produce and maintain a thriving crop in barren wast lands. If I follow God’s prompting and go and do life with this unassuming woman I have changed the course of the world by sharing the good news with her. However if I let the devil continue to stop me from talking to her by being too busy, to unsure of myself, thinking she is not important, or just by being too shy or lazy I have allowed one more person to miss out on God’s love.
Many times we NEVER know the out come of our obedience to God but that is good, because otherwise I would say “oh look I brought food to a starving nation” but it was not me it was GOD.
I so look forward to the day that I stand in his presence and he says “well done good and faithful servant”, look at all you have done in my name. Look at the lives you have changed and the souls you have brought to me in my son’s name. I catch glimpses from time to time of the impact my life has had and like most humans I give my self a little pat on the back and then God gives me that raised eye brow, finger wag, tisk tisk tisk and I remember it is all for his glory!



Unlikely to occur

written by Wendy Justis

So I have a menu plan for the week but it is unlikely to occur as I have felt horrible starting last Thursday.

Sunday – Beans/potatoes/veggies and corn bread – did not happen

Monday – Chicken Alfredo – did not happen

Tuesday – Roasted chicken/veggies/mashed potatoes

Wednesday – Backed pork chops/ mac n cheese/veggies

Thursday – ground turkey patties/ veggies/

Friday – left overs

Saturday – maybe take out

Lets just see where the week takes us and if I feel up to any of this.


Girls Dance Portraits 2011

written by Wendy Justis

Both girls participated in their dance recital in June 2011. They were on two seperte nights so we had portraits taken, they turned out so good.
























Gabe’s 1year Portraits

written by Wendy Justis

Our sweet Gabe turned a year old this Summer and here are some of his pictures, thanks to Rachel Tagle Bowerman!


Not Too Shabby!

written by Wendy Justis

So last week I set my goals and did fairly well. Went over budget a little but not to bad. As for our dinners I was very happy with our success. We had our beans on Sunday so yum!! Then on Monday we had Sausage and Pepper Sammies that were so so good! Changed a few things around during the week but only had one night that I called it in and had Rick bring something home for dinner. We were able to have a night out thanks to a wonderful family that invited out for Pizza! This week I have already had to switch something up but here is the new plan.

Sunday – Eggs and Bacon

Monday – Chicken Enchilada Caserole with Veggies

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

Wednesday – Chicken Alfrado

Thursday – Grilled Cheese with apple sauce ( I will not be at home that night so keeping it easy for hubby)

Friday – Left over’s

Saturday – hopefully we can have a dinner out that night, as I will be working most of the day.

I am adding a goal of working out twice this week!


Getting back into a rhythm

written by Wendy Justis

I have been long out of any rhythm when it comes to day to day living. I am set in fixing this. I have a schedule for the week, put us back on a budget, have a grocery list posted to the fridge and a meal plan for the week. I am kind of excited.

Sunday – slow cooked beans with elk stew meat, carrots, and onions. Pan fried potatoes, veggie medely, and corn bread.

Monday – Sausage and pepper sammies, roasted potatoes and salad

Tuesday – Hamburger Helper with ground Elk and veggies

Wednesday – Spaghetti with ground elk and left over sausage and peppers, salad, and garlic cheese bread

Thursday – Bacon and Eggs

Friday – Left overs

Saturday either take out or a cheap night out.

I am most excited about Monday night. I had it later in the week and had to move it forward.

I browned the ground Elk and roasted the sausage tonight (Saturday) so I will have fewer excuses for not holding to my plan.

Tonight we had 1 cheese pizza and 2 pepperoni pizzas that cost $7 total.


My Disappointment

written by Wendy Justis

I made a choice to follow Christ and be a seeking child of God many years ago. In this time I have seen good and bad in my life as well as in the world. One of the most disappointing times I have witnessed in America was May 1-2, 2011. The reason I say this is because I have watched, read, and heard fellow “Christians” not only rejoice but party at the loss of a life and celebrate the eternal separation of one of God’s creations from him.

Please before the hateful remarks start to fly, I agree the Osama Bin Laden was and for ever will be a great evil that walked this Earth and that there is justice in his death. But we as Christians must remember that even the GREATEST evil was once a master piece of God, woven together in his mother’s womb. (Psalms 139:13) He just like the rest of us were given the gift of free will and chose to not follow the path of Christ. Jesus was our perfect example of understanding this type of evil. Even in the moments of his beating and then death he had pity and mercy for the evil that was before him. He knew his father would morn the loss of his creations that have turned from him and betrayed him.

I do believe in just punishments, the death penalty, and that we reap what we sow. I am thankful, grateful, and for ever in debt to the men and women who daily put their lives on the line for our freedom. My sadness and dismay comes from the pure elation and joy that I have watched those who profess Jesus as their lord and personal savior display in the eternal separation that this soul will have from our father. I for one will never nor can I ever forget September 11, but I am not going to rejoice in the loss of this life. I know as a parent no matter what my child may do (good or evil) I will morn their loss regardless of how justified it might be. I can only imagine how our father is feeling.

Please for those that profess to be followers of God, to desire to walk in the path of Jesus, take a step back and re-evaluate your celebration of this death. Also understand that your ugliness is only making us as a Country no better then those who have targeted us. You are also helping to make us an even bigger target than we already are.

Again thank you to all of our armed forces for your courage and all you do. Thank you Jesus for being the guiding light that we should all aspire to be.

Thank you for those taking the moment to read this and this is my opinion and I am not speaking for anyone else. I will close with stating that yes I feel his death was, is, and forever will be justified, but I will not take pleasure in it nor will I celebrate it. I will however continue to strive to love my neighbors and honor those in my life.

In HIS love,





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